Collection: Fabric Birthday Badges

These large age badges are a perfect way to celebrating a birthday in style - badges are not just for kids! 

Made from remnant end of Liberty Print Fabric and offcuts of glitter vinyl, this makes them super sparkly - there is a selection of made-to-order and premade options.

Our birthday gifts edit is here to make their day amazing (and your life easy). Birthday's are not just for children - everyone deserve a cake and a badge!

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle...

We're mindful of our environmental impact and always aim to leave the smallest footprint possible. Here are some steps we've taken:

- Our liberty print and vinyl are made from remnant fabric ends that would've gone to waste.
- Our badges are designed to last and we encourage reusing them.
- All badge components are recyclable, but we're testing plant-based, biodegradable materials to replace plastic.
- We make most badges to order to avoid unnecessary stock.

We're always striving to do better and will continue working towards a more sustainable future.

Why Liberty Print Fabric?

Liberty Print fabrics are well known for their beautiful miniature florals, paisley, and abstract prints. Each pattern is cram-packed with colour and cute details. It's also completely timeless and quintessentially British.

This is why they are the fabric of choice for our badges.