Collection: Birthday Badges

These large age badges are a perfect way to celebrating a birthday in style - badges are not just for kids! 

Made from remnant end of Liberty Print Fabric and offcuts of glitter vinyl, this makes them super sparkly - there is a selection of made-to-order and premade options.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle...

We are very mindful of our business impact on the environment, we want to leave the smallest trace of our business that's possible.

- The liberty print and vinyl are both reusing items that would have previously ended up in the bin. We have been working with other small businesses to source remnant fabric ends and all of the vinyl is the small bits that we are unable to use on our t-shirts.

- Our badges are made to last and be kept. We would love to see a tradition of items being passed on to be reused.

- All the components of our badges are recyclable - cotton fabric, metal front, and plastic backing. However, it isn't ideal that it involves plastic. We are currently testing other options, including replacing the plastic with plant-based biodegradable material. We are hoping to introduce them this year.

- Most of our badges are made-to-order, this means that we are not making stock that is not going to be used.

We can always do better - but it's a start and we will keep working on it.

Why Liberty Print Fabric?

Liberty Print fabrics are well known for their beautiful miniature florals, paisley, and abstract prints. Each pattern is cram-packed with colour and cute details. It's also completely timeless and quintessentially British.

This is why they are the fabric of choice for our badges.