How to wash and care for your t-shirt?

Tips for making your T-shirt last longer and look brand new!

1. Wash Less - 

Such a simple step, to ensure extra-longevity and durability a cotton T-shirt should only be washed when needed. Even with robust cotton, every wash causes stress and leads to colour fading. 

2. Wash with similar colours - 

Washing bright colours together helps to maintain the vibrate colours.

3. Wash at 30 degrees - 

A cotton t-shirt does not like too much heat - it also has the added bonus of reducing your environmental impact and is better for your bills.

4. Wash inside out - 

Washing your t-shirts reduces the risk of unwanted fuzziness and bobbling. It also keeps your design looking perfect.

5. Do not tumble dry - 

While tumble drying is definitely the most convenient option, it can ruin your clothes and cause shrinkage. Skipping the dryer could save your clothes and energy bills - win win!

6. Iron on the reverse -

Our cotton t-shirts are made from thick cotton. If you dry it hanging or flat, then you can often get away without ironing them. If your t-shirt does need ironing, then turn it inside out - this will keep your design looking sharp. 

7. Treat stains quickly - 

 This gives you the best chance of removing the stain.